What is organic farming? There is no such defination of organic farming, but we can describe as a specific production system that aims to avoid use of synthetic and harmful fertilizers, plant growth regulator (PGR) pesticides and livestock feeds additives.

These are harmful for human health.

USDA guideline states that to farmer should use agriculture methods that beneficial for environment and preserve the environment and prevent to use synthetic farming and agricultural material like pesticide and fertilizers.

Organic Farming system also rely on alternative farming method such as green and animal manure, crop rotation, mechanical cultivation and integrated pest management (IPM). That also hepls to maintain grow healthy plant, control pest, weed and healthy soil.

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These are old methods which are used to enhance growth of plant and soil.

New farming method inculde use pesticide spray and synthetic farming such use of fertlizers.


NOP (The National Organic Program) part of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). They develops standards for organic farming.But sustainable farming practices not cover the maximum by these developed standard.United States Department of Agriculture reported the 1990 Farm Bill. Which state that sustainability should have a long-term goal of,

1. Enhancing the environment quality.

2. Enhance the natural resource.

3. Most efficient use of nonrenewable resources.

4. Human food and fiber needs.

5. On farm resources and integrating.

6. Enhancing quality of life for farmer.

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Certified Organic

USDA certified organic for agricultural goods of farmers. And Farmers need to submit the application to certified organic through the USDA. And this submitting of application requires fees to certifying agent by the USDA.

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