Do you still grow flowers and vegetables on opposite sides of your yard, then you have to rethink about your garden. Because every Gardener wants high yield of their vegetables. And it is necessary to know that what strategy professional growers use? So professional growers plant flower and vegetables in the same beds to boost yield of vegetables and keep them healthy by using this strategies. It very beneficial for beginners.

The plant Production specialist Maggie Saska at Rodale Institute organic farm, says that to attract bees and other beneficial. It is most important to grow flower in your vegetables bed, because it attracts beneficial insect. Bees are the most important pollinator in plants. And without them, you are going to have a pretty disappointing vegetable crop.

Bees also support struggling pollinator populations and biodiversity near vegetables. Planting bee-friendly flower have lot benefits. And to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other desirable species, then plant those flowers which especially attract them.

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Are you read to get started? Before that, have a look on some important tips while selecting flower varieties for your vegetable patch.

1. Pay Attention to Bloom Time


You give little attention to the bloom time of flower. If you buy plant, which have different bloom time as your veggie crop. Then it won’t work. Select only those flower plant, who have same bloom as you vegetable crop to attract beneficial insect.

You can know the bloom time of any plant, when you will buy their seed packet. The information bloom time, you will find on that packet. Then you can easy plan or schedule planting. It’s better idea to buy a plant, who bloom continues throughout the entire season.

2. Consider Flower Shape


The different flower shape attract different beneficial insect. Some flower attract hummingbirds, and that flower not the same as those that attract beneficial wasp or bees. The shape of some flower can easier for species to access the nectar and pollen.

But for other can be harder due to the flower shape. Saska recommends flowers with a composite shape like daisies, sunflowers, purple coneflower, zinnias, and cosmos to attract bees and other pollinators.

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3. Space Them Out

It’s totally up to you that, you can plant a row of vegetables followed by a row of flower. And you can also interspace them within the same row. Or you can also plant flowers to attract beneficial insects by planting border around the outside of the bed.

4. Think About Height


If you buy a flower plant, which longer height then veggies. Then it will be problem for reaching sunlight to the crop. So buy low growing flowers. But some crops like lettuces, who need little shape in summar months. Then height of flower may give benefits.

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5. Start Simple

If you are beginner then Saska recommends that, start working with annual flowers. Because that will grow easy and produce lots of blooms.


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