Bat Guano

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…Sold in 50KG bags…

Bat guano, an excellent source of fast 
acting nitrogen, promotes growth of all 
types of indoor & outdoor plants, infused 
with 7 strains of beneficial soil microbes 
& contains our superactive soil & seed 
inoculants, 100% organic & natural, people 
& pet safe.


Guano is one way of achieving world-class quality when growing organically indoors or outdoors.

The benefits of guano for plant growth are numerous:

  • It improves soil texture. If the soil is too loose, guano will bind it better and increase water retention. If the soil is too dense, guano will loosen the texture and let water penetrate more efficiently.
  • Bioremediation. Guano can help flush toxic elements from the soil while protecting the roots microbially and continuing to feed the affected plant.
  • It encourages healthy decomposition of exhausted material. Adding guano to compost speeds up the composting process and improves friability.
  • It is a slow-release fertiliser. Guano will provide nutrients for most of the life of your plant.
  • It is a pH-adjuster, buffering the pH of the root system.
  • It controls nematodes and is a natural fungicide against chitin (from insect shells).
  • It keeps soil friable and acts as a soil conditioner. Guano adds beneficial enzymes and microflora for continuous soil health.
  • When combined with other additives like worm castings and various meals, guano helps create thriving colonies of root fauna.
  • Used as a dilute spray, guano can help provide plants with fungal protection.


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